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MILITARY & AUTOMOTIVE ~ Potentiometres

Electronic Light Dimmer Potentiometres

Techtronic Technology Solutions designs and manufactures unique and affordable Electronic Light Dimmer Potentiometers for Incandescent and LED light dimming control.

Description and Operation
These Electronic Potentiometers are suited for use in military and commercial vehicles, and are available in either 2 or 3 wire systems, with a ‘Last setting memory’ function, and either positive or negative dimming.

The incandescent dimmer operates from 12-36 VDC, is rated at 70 watts and is supplied in a purpose-built mechanical housing.

The LED dimmer controller operates 12-36 VDC and is rated at 2 watts, is supplied with an assembled PC Board, potentiometer and knob, but without a mechanical housing - thus making it easy to fit into almost any application.

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Key Benefits

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Simple and rugged design

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Affordable and reliable

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No maintenance

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Available in either 2 or 3 wire systems

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Operates on 12-36 VDC

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Dimmable with last setting memory

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Available in either positive or negative dimming

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Compact and easy to mount – reduces the ‘space claim’


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