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TTS Fire and Explosion Detection Systems for Military and Industrial Applications / Vehicles

TTS has vast experience in the design and development of Military Fire Systems

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Between 2001 -2004 our engineers designed a local Military Fire / Explosion  Systems to compete against the best system’s in the world

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These System were successfully sold to large UK military OEM between 2003 -2005

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Our Restraint of trade to compete in this market ended in 2010

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Today we have the same experienced staff working for us that designed and built the FIRE Systems sold to the UK 

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TTS has developed a more affordable  Industrial version based on the Military technology for the South African market.

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Today TTS can offer either a military specification system or the less expensive Industrial Systems  for a Fire in crew compartment, Fire in engine compartment or an external fire.

Today’s Fire threats are often the result of conventional combat operations and/or asymetric threats in urban areas.  These can lead to threats in three broad areas presented below.  It is essential to protect vehicle crew in order to maximise survivability in all vehicle types so that field operations can be sustained.

fire suppression with TTS systems

Engine Compartment

Fire suppression in the engine compartment of a military vehicle

Combat fire in the engine compartments of military or industrial  vehicles/ applications with our systems.

more info on combatting fire in engine compartments

Crew Compartment

Fire suppression in the crew compartment of a vehicle

Read about our crew compartment fire fighting system

more info on combatting fire in the crew compartment of vehicles

External Fire

Controlling external fires in military vehicles

Our external fire prevention systems will assist in the prevention of damage to your assets.

more info on combattng external fires with TTS systems

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