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Quality Policy

Techtronic Technology Systems (TTS) is ISO 9001:2000 accredited, and every single manufactured or refurbished piece of equipment is extensively function tested. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and attention to detail.

Amphenol Terrier Technologies Systems is fully Black Economic Empowerment compliant, and has been certified by Empowerlogic.

Our Quality focus highlights two areas: Mission Statement and Certificates

I, Clive Miller, General Manager of Techtronic Technology Systems, am committed to a policy of total quality including environmental and safety, the South African government BBBEE codes of practice, and will ensure that this policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout electronic Technology Systems.

It is our policy to provide quality electronic/electrical equipment and services to our customer's through communication, expert development, design practices, optimized manufacturing principles and logistic support.

It is the objective of Techtronic Technology Systems to produce products, which guarantee the safety and the satisfaction of customers at all times.

ISO 9001 2008

Quality objectives will be established annually at all relevant functions and levels within the organisation. lt will also be documented with achievable and measurable goals.

Techtronic Technology Systems will strive to achieve our BBBEE codes of practice compliance, and will ensure that our chosen subcontractors are also BBBEE compliant. lts the policy of Techtronic Technology Systems to give preferential treatment to subcontractors that are BBBEE compliant.

The quality objectives are directed towards the following success factors of Techtronic Technology Systems

- Quality in everything we do
- Forming of alliances with customers
- Customer focus
- Product developmental development
- Global marketing and sales

In order to achieve this we utilize methods, techniques and practices, which are in alignment with the latest levels of technology.

Every phase of product development is carefully planned, paying attention to national, European and International Norms, Rules and Laws.

The managing board and all the organizational members take it as their responsibility to achieve a continuous and notable improvement of our quality standards.

- The quality of our products is achieved through planning which takes into account the critical success factors of product development, production and usage in order to prevent in advance any possibility of an error.
- For Techtronic Technology Systems, the satisfaction of and safety of our customers are paramount. Thus, at any moment of the product life cycle we have to guarantee the possibility to reconstruct the process from product development until the introduction into service.
- We will carefully choose our suppliers and sub-contractors by taking into consideration their approach to quality and their BBBEE compliance, to develop them wherever possible.
- Trained and qualified staff shall be employed in all functions of the company. By means of constant training, the knowledge and the responsibility for quality of all employees is fostered.
- The consequences of our work and the effectiveness of the Quality Management system are controlled through internal audits and annual management reviews by the Board of Directors.

I further commit myself to the enforcement of the Quality Management System based on lSO 9001:2000, and have the support of my staff to work according to the system, procedures, authorities and responsibilities contained in the documented system.

General Manager

Mission Statement

To achieve and maintain world class standards

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In the manufacture and supply of electrical/electronic equipment to military, rail, automotive, alternative energy markets

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In the quality, price and service provided to our customers

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In Quality, in everything we do

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In Customer focus and understanding

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In global marketing and sales



- ISO 9000 Certificate

- BBBEE Certificate

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