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Brigade Camera Systems


MDR Shockproof Recorder - Video recorder for vehicles

Protecting your driver.
Providing your witness

Vehicle Video Mobile Recorder supplied by TTS


Mobile Digital Video Recording with TTS

 Mobile Digital Recording - real time video with vehicle monitoring options

Brigade’s intuitive, affordable Mobile Digital Recorder captures real time footage from up to four vehicle mounted cameras. Optional GPS offers vital additional information such as vehicle location and speed.

Simple to install, data access is simple yet secure. The lockable hard drive is easily removed by authorised personnel for connection to PC or
laptop for data download and interrogation.

Surveillance video cameras fitted to your fleet

Camera Input
Compatible with Brigade’s wide range of camera monitor systems including rear, front, side and internal cameras
Compatible with most other camera systems

Provides driver with all or some of the camera images in real time to aid
visibility and manoeuvring.

Records real time footage from up to 4 cameras
Optional GPS logs time, date, location and speed - useful evidential information in case of a claim or incident
Optional G-force sensor provides useful impact data in case of collision
Recording triggers:
- Four trigger inputs (such as doors opening, selecting indicator or reverse gear) can either activate recording or flag the trigger input on the recording
- Motion detection with selectable sensitivity can activate recording – useful for surveillance when vehicle unmanned or driver sleeping in cab
4 selectable levels of image quality
Record at between 2 and 30 frames per second
MPEG4 image compression allows high quality image resolution
Hard disk records up to 780 hours of footage
Record images prior to trigger activation and after vehicle turned off to ensure events are captured in full
Can record audio from auxiliary input

Attach rear and side view video cameras to your fleet vehicles

 Mobile Digital Recording - Record your vehicles movements

Reduce vehicle accident claims by having a record of the vehicles journey

“I think insurance cover will be a struggle in the future for operators without these systems. Digital recording systems are a necessity”.

Danny Nolan
Transport Manager at Squibb

Squibb Group has become a major global force across the demolition and dismantling sectors. With a large fleet of vehicles, each costing around 90,000, Transport Manager, Danny Nolan, needed to find ways to protect his investment. He explains: “Insurance premiums are ridiculously high and we wanted to find a way to reduce accident claims”.

Brigade’s mobile digital recorder was fitted to the vehicle of Squibb’s most careful driver who had never had an accident through fault or non fault. It was presumed there would be few incidents recorded. However for the first time in his career at Squibb, the driver had a collision. He was adamant that he was not at fault but wasn’t entirely sure how it had happened. “I saw the car come around the roundabout. It was in the left hand lane to the services whilst I was in the middle lane to go straight on.

I heard a clonk on the nearside. It all happened
very quickly. I got out and the driver asked me what had happened. I explained she had driven in to me and she disputed it. I explained that it didn’t really matter because the vehicle’s cameras would have recorded the entire event. I don’t think she believed me.”

The lorry had a damaged step and the car was significantly
damaged on the front door and back quarter.

The footage was reviewed back at head office, which clearly showed the car driver was at fault. Danny Nolan said “It is encouraging to know that Brigade’s MDR is helping to protect us. I sent the footage straight to our insurers. In the best case scenario even with a witness, this type of accident would normally be deemed as knock for knock, costing a total of 5000, without considering legal costs. The MDR has already paid for itself”.

Cost benefit analysis on knock-for-knock basis:
Damage to step 1000 supply and fit
Vehicle downtime for 2 days 2000
Vehicle hire for 2 days 1000

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