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BBs-TEk Reverse Alarm -  White Sound |Warning Alarms

Reversing Vehicle alarm systems supplied by TTS
BBS-Tek reverse alarm system - assisiting vehicle safety

No need for alarm?

One quarter of all workplace deaths are caused by reversing vehicles according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Many others result in injury and costly damage to vehicles, equipment and buildings. Despite this many operators still fail to fit simple and yet relatively inexpensive reversing alarms. With the advent of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, there has never been a greater legal necessity to carry out effective risk assessments of reversing processes.

Reversing alarms for vehicles to help prevent workplace accidents

 On-road bbs-tek® - commercial vehicle reversing assistance systems

Commercial vehicles working and delivering in tight urban areas need to make regular reversing manoeuvres. In local neighbourhoods and busy town centres they must safely warn pedestrians, whilst ensuring they do not cause a noise nuisance to local residents and businesses.

Quieter, yet safer

The safety benefits of white sound are the same whether off- or on-road. However, in urban areas, the environmental impact becomes much more important.

White sound meets the challenge by dissipating quickly outside the hazard zone, eliminating noise complaints. Furthermore, with its wide frequency range, white sound alarms can even operate 5-decibels quieter than a tonal alarm, yet still provide the same alerting effect.

Beeping tonal alarms can be heard up to thirty times the distance of the hazard zone, causing irritation, noise complaints and stress.

On-road bbs-tekŪ

Adjusting to the ambient

In environments with varying ambient noise levels a fixed sound level alarm may be either too loud or too quiet. As the ultimate in warning alarms, SMART bbs® models solve this problem. They continuously react to the surrounding noise level and self-adjust their warning sound to maintain it in the region of just 5dB louder. This ensures the alarm is loud enough to act as a warning, but not so loud that it startles workers or disturbs local residents.

Eliminating noise complaints

Asda opened a new supermarket near Skelmersdale in the UK. Part of the planning permission stipulated that any sound produced by reversing alarms should be inaudible to nearby residential properties, but initially there were complaints from local residents about tonal beepers. West Lancashire Borough Council confirmed that after  Asda switched their fleet to white sound alarms the complaints stopped immediately.

Fixed sound alarm for delivery vehicles

 Off-road bbs-tek® - improving workplace safety

Off-road working environments are commonly dominated by large mobile plant machinery, high noise levels and difficult terrains, making life extremely dangerous for workers. To improve safety, site operators must ensure the best possible warning is given to workers when machinery is reversing.

Heard only where  it matters

White sound dissipates quickly meaning the alarm can only be heard in the hazard zone. It also creates a “ssh ssh” sound which is gentler on the ear. The combined effect ensures the warning is treated with respect and prevents workers from becoming desensitised to the alarm sound, tuning it out. It also reduces the likelihood of sabotage from workers disabling alarms.

Beeping tonal alarms can be heard up to thirty times the distance of the hazard zone causing workers to ‘switch off’ due to over-familiarity - putting them gravely at risk.

Off-road bbs-tekŪ

Instant locatability

White sound reversing alarms use broadband frequencies. These give greater directional information to the ear allowing the listener to instantly locate where the sound is coming from, and time to take evasive action.

Tonal alarms in contrast can cause a head-spinning effect, confusion and disorientation. Vital seconds can be lost resulting in fatal consequences.

An end to  confusion

A worker on a road construction site in the Middle East was seriously injured by a road roller. He heard an alarm and saw a truck reversing. The worker was then hit by the roller from behind. The truck did not have an alarm, the roller did – a tonal alarm.

Following locatability trials, the company installed white sound alarms to all their road rollers worldwide.

White Sound Alarms

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