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Techtronic Technology Solutions is a market leader in vehicle safety systems with a comprehensive range of products to reduce the risk of collision and maximise efficiency, including camera monitor systems, reversing alarms, ultrasonic proximity sensors, digital recorders,HD Car Cameras and a thermal image camera.

We are a company with solutions to suit all commercial vehicle and industry types and a team of engineers working to bring innovative answers to the marketplace as well as a sales service and support team for even the biggest fleet of vehicles.

All our products we supply are ISO certified and Quality tested and come with 2-3 year guarantee and some products lifetime warranty.

All our clients have moved over to the new and improved Camera Monitoring systems and have had a reduced amount of accidents and more visibility for all their drivers.

360 Smart Eye Select

Backeye Monitor Systems

Designed to assist low-speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle.

more details on cameras and camcorders we can source for you.

BBS-TEK Reverse Alarm

bbs-tek  White Sound  Warning Alarms

bbs-tek | White Sound |Warning Alarms

more details on CCTV and Access Control Instruments we can source for you.

Reverse Camera Systems

Extreme Camera Monitoring Systems overview

 BackeyeTM Camera Monitoring Systems - eliminating costly blind spots.

more details on components we can source for you.

HD Windshield Car Camera

Mobile Digital Recording a

Provides evidence in the case of vehicle accidents and crash-for-cash incidents ...

more details on consumer electronics we can source for you.

MDR Shockproof Recorder

Protecting your vehicle with camera surveillance using TTS Technology Systems

Protecting your driver, providing your witness.

more details on desktop platforms we can source for you.

Pulse Radar Systems

Backsense for the mining and construction industries

Backsense protecting the mining, quarry & construction industries.

more details on display units we can source for you.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

Ultrasonic obstacle detection for vehicles

Ultrasonic obstacle detection for all types of vehichs - front, back, side, corner

more details on enterprise platforms we can source for you.

Our Areas of Expertise are:

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Reversing Camera

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Reversing Alarms

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Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

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Thermal Image Camera

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Pulsed Radar Sensors

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Camera Monitor Systems

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Mobile Digital Recorder

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HD Windshield Car Camera

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